After having to painstakingly articulate her personal theology and spiritual perspective into massive papers for seminary, founder Reverend Molly Johnson, ordained Interfaith minister, wondered if there was anyone out there who shared her view of reality. Tired of trying to fit herself into spiritual communities who only shared a portion of her beliefs, she yearned to meet others out there who experienced the world the way she did.

Once she opened up to the task of articulating her view, Molly has been frequently awakened at the early hours with new insights coming in and new questions needing answering. From her tired scribbled notes emerged this view and its name, Synthesism. Now she is offering it the world in the form of a blog so that people who share the view can find it and help synthesize the parts into a coherent whole.

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Reverend Molly Johnson

Interfaith Minister & Master of Divinity Student

In 1983, Molly Johnson had a rough entry into this life, nearly dying four times when her underdeveloped lungs repeatedly collapsed. As a child, she wondered why she had survived when she could have easily died. This got her thinking that her life might have some kind of higher purpose and that there was something greater than herself.

Her journey into spiritual inquiry really began at age 13 when her Unitarian Universalist (UU) minister asked her what she believed. Molly couldn’t articulate her beliefs to her liking so she embarked on a journey of two decades diving deeply into various spiritual traditions that most closely resembled her view. Now, she is no longer willing to settle. 

Molly is currently residing in Berkeley, CA where she is finishing up her final year of seminary at Pacific School of Religion. Ordained by the ChI Interfaith Community, she offers spiritual services to other people under-supported by the dominant paradigm.

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