In my last post, I covered a little about the view of deity in Synthesism. I mentioned that deities are composed of awareness and energy. Similarly, you, as a human being, are made up of combinations of awareness, energy, and matter.

The burden of manifesting as humans is that we have matter, physical bodies, that experience pain, sickness, and aging. This is very distracting to our awareness. However, the blessing is that being embodied we can experience so much! Many bodies can touch, taste, see, speak, and have physical pleasure.

Because you are a unique manifestation of the Divine these experiences are so important. You are the means by which the Divine can experience expression, connection, and well-being. As we grow, so does the Divine grow. We know that the universe is constantly expanding. Growth is the movement of nature.

We must care for self and others, witness and learn, express and create. We must be in cooperative community with our fellow manifestations. Relationship is important, including relationship with the Divine. The Divine needs us. This is our purpose.

As I mentioned above, we are a synthesis of awareness, energy, and matter. Other’s might call this soul, spirit, and body. What many call “soul” is simply the individual awareness, or consciousness, that each of us possesses. What many call “spirit” is the energy that binds that awareness to the matter, or body, until death.

As an individuated fragment of a greater awareness, the soul’s deepest longing is to experience blissful unity. However, just the fact that the soul is embodied, it is limited in its ability to do this. Let me emphasize: YOU DID NOTHING WRONG. This is no divine punishment; this is human nature. The natural effect of being a fragment of awareness combined with matter is ignorance. There are three main ignorances that limit the awareness, or soul and cause suffering:

  1. Over-identification with Individuality
  2. Over-differentiation
  3. Over-attachment/over-aversion

Over-identification with one’s own individuality looks like believing that you are incomplete, imperfect, insignificant, limited, not Divine. This shows up as thoughts, “Something is wrong with me,” and “I am not [good] enough.”

Over-differentiation involves perceiving reality dualistically by seeing differences without seeing the underlying unity. Personally, this makes you believe that you are distinct and apart. The accompanying thoughts to this belief are, “I’m different,” and “I don’t belong.”

Over-attachment is grasping onto external experiences or items while over-aversion is the opposite. When you act out of attachment and aversion, the thoughts that arise are, “I need this to be happy,” or “I won’t be happy until this is gone.”

These are the three main barriers to fully realizing unity with the Divine and a blissful existence. The important thing to understand here is that you are not alone, you are not separate from the Divine nor the rest of reality. You are like a wave rising in the air that does not realize it is part of the ocean. You are a facet of the gem of the universe and just by existing as you, you make a difference.

So, how does this land? What here feels true to you? What is still unclear? Please let me know in your comments! You can co-create the view.

In my next post, I will talk about the reunion with the Divine in Synthesism. You can read a new installment on the Synthesist view every two Saturdays.

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In the last post, I named this new spiritual perspective of reality Synthesism and explained why. I also identified the main path and the goal of Synthesism: to experience everything as the Divine. Now, I’m going to elaborate more on the view of the Divine what the Divine needs.

We already know that the Divine creates the universe by manifesting as combinations of energy, matter, and awareness. This playful creation is done without plan or intention, similar to how you might doodle in a page margin.

Because the Divine manifests as the universe and all within it, the Divine is not limited to male or female. The Divine is both beyond gender and all genders. Therefore, the Divine in Synthesism is referenced in ways that keep gender ambiguous — Source of All, Creator, Ultimate Self, etc. This includes avoiding the confusing noun “God,” which the dominant paradigm attributes to a male supreme being.

Secondly, the Divine of Synthesism loses awareness of the Divine Self when the Divine individuates into these infinite pieces and characters. This is just like how you may lose sense of yourself when watching a captivating film.

A metaphor for the Synthesist Divine can be ice, water, and steam — three different, nameable states of H20. The Divine manifests in three known ways as well: matter, energy, and awareness. The Divine can be known in three main ways:

  1. BEYOND: The Divine is beyond you as the Source of All.
  2. WITH: The Divine is with you as personal deity.
  3. AS: The Divine is manifesting as you.

What we call “mystical experiences” or “unitive moments” are opportunities to encounter the Divine as the Ultimate Self. This is when you lose any sense of yourself and feel a part of something far greater. This is often accompanied by an overpowering feeling of benevolence. The Divine can also be encountered as a personal deity in dreams or visions. The Divine can be experienced as you in moments when you are overcome by beauty, love, or creativity.

But what is motivating the Divine to individuate? What does the Divine need?

If the Divine is manifesting as us, we therefore can look at our needs in order to understand the needs of the Divine. The primary universal human needs are:


Therefore, the Divine is individuating into infinite manifestations in order to have well-being, expression, and connection. Remember the metaphor of the child daydreaming I sharedin the first post?

So, what questions do you have? What resonates with you and what doesn’t? What could be more clear? Please let me know in the comments section below and help me in clarifying this view.

You can join me for my next post where I will go more into personal deities. I post a new installment every two Sundays.

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